Peace comes in parts and pieces, one day at a time.  I spent years and years wandering through life, positive that I could bear up under whatever came my way. That I would HAVE to face and bear up because there was not other choice.  Only my own personal strength. 

“A Peace at A Time” wasn’t my first attempt to write a book. But, when my life changed through Christ, earlier efforts, when I could even find the notes, were more fiction than fact.  In the lift of God’s Love and my growing understanding of the guidance that comes with salvation, I found looking back at my path through life revealed a pattern of travel that ended up at the peace I had been pursuing, even when I didn’t admit such pursuit to myself. 

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C.J. Braden spent over fifty years of her life believing she must build personal power to protect herself.   She would appear to be strong and capable…then those characteristics would take her though. She could always be the ‘winner’, the survivor through family issues, health challenges and loss…isn’t it the winning that counts?

The moment she met Christ and found a real truth about power beyond her personal efforts, her life changed. 



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